Demonstration in Solidarity with Hana Shalabi

The girls in the photography workshop organized a demonstration in Jenin in support for the immediate release of Hana Shalabi, a 29 year old woman from Burqin who has been on a hunger strike since February 16th in protest of her detention. On Saturday March 10th at noon the girls headed to Jenin city with the signs they made that morning and flyers filled with information on how others can help support Hana. Instead of letting the low turn out of the demonstration in Jenin get them down, they decided to take the demonstration to Hana’s home in Burqin, where the girls met with Hana’s family, took photographs, and showed their support for Hana and her family. Hana is in her 26th day of her hunger strike and her parents in support of their daughter have been on hunger strike for two and a half weeks.

They will be organizing another demonstration next week in Jenin. For more information on how you can help Hana please visit the sites below:

The girls sit in solidarity with Hana.

Posters to show support for Hana line the street outside of her home in Burqin.

Hana's sister holds photos of both her sister, Hana, and their brother who was killed by the army in 2005.

Hana's niece and nephew. Photo by Deena

Hana's brother stands at the gate of the garden at her home in Burqin.

Hana's niece and nephew at her home in Burqin. Photo by Deena

Boys from Burqin protest Hana's detention. Photo by Iman


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